Thursday, November 10, 2011

Makeup tips for Asian girls and Women

> Asian people are often tinged with yellowish skin undertones. Stand not mind, but when using make-up should there be reeking be taken. Furthermore, Asian people generally almond -shaped eyes. In this article I show you what colors to fit an Asian skin, the eyes can be made larger, and give you other tips. Read it here!

For Asian girls / women is often more difficult to prepare themselves. Through their skin with yellowish undertone is difficult to get the right color foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, etc. to choose. Moreover it is difficult to almond shaped eyes appear bigger to. But do not worry, here come the necessary tips!

Because of their skin with yellow undertones should Asian girls / women to be careful what color foundation they buy? It is important that the foundation at least not too clear: it will soon face look gray. A foundation with pink or peach base can be better avoided. The yellow undertone of the skin is likely to face otherwise unnatural or even orange’s look like! These colors are suitable for as eye shadow

Eye shadow
In Asian faces is nice if depth is created, especially in the eyes. This is possible with some eye shadow. It is intended that the part from the brow to covered with a light color. The trick is to darken the color to be as he goes to the lash. Examples of perfect eyeshade colors for Asian skin: soft green and pink, gold, peach colors.

Line for the eyes
To the eyes which usually smaller to make it seem larger, liquid eyeliner can be used. It can be used to extend the eyes. Try to start small and go on to a somewhat broader line at the ends of your eyes. Examples of suitable eyeliner colors: pastel, gray, black and purple
Also, the use of a white eye pencil is recommended. It provides greater optical eye and creates more space.

Many Asian girls / women have slightly shorter lashes, a curling iron is ideal for these girls! If the lashes are curled, it is wise to only the lashes from the top of the eye covered with a layer of mascara, making the eyes appear more open.

Because the eyes of most Asians are smaller, it is not intended that the lips really stand out. Therefore it is convenient to the bright, bold colors lipstick to leave. Honey -like, soft pink, nude colors are better options.

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