Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mud Therapy for Glowing Skin

> The mud is rich in minerals, is used for cosmetic and medicinal since ancient times, either to remove blemishes the skin or body relaxation. Its use is called mud, and has many followers because of the results it offers. Learn this technique and take advantage of its qualities!

Our skin is the natural barrier that we have to deal to shocks from abroad, which in large measure, its good is responsible for the general welfare of the whole organism. The aggression daily sufferings are diverse, but roughly we classified into:
Environmental. This is the case of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, pollution and climate.
Organic. These include stress, hormonal changes and disease.
Cosmetologist. Outstanding use of beauty products that irritate the skin or that are used in the wrong way (to sleep without removing makeup from the face is a good example).

It is here where the mud can develop their potential to benefit health and beauty, as though the composition the clay used varies according to the characteristics of their place of origin (marine mud or from springs), all have common factor large number of minerals provide easy assimilated by the skin of the body or skin, such as iron, calcium, potassium, silicon, magnesium, silver or copper, but mainly:
Sulfur. Is an element that promotes pigmentation (coloring) of the skin has been frequently observed the appearance of some weak spots or tanning be to low levels of this element.

Silicon. Fundamental producing collagen (the substance that gives firmness and structure the skin). The lack of this metal loss causes stretch marks of elasticity in the tissues, as well as wrinkles and premature aging.

Zinc. It is used by the body with vitamin A, in the regeneration of skin tissue; specifically, it helps to develop collagen and elastic, which are components giving strength and elasticity to the tissues of the epidermis.

Selenium. Is trace element acting in conjunction with vitamins A and E as an antioxidant, so protects and helps improve cellular tissue, counteracts aging effectively and helps improve blood circulation to the skin.

For its part, the sea mud is formed when the salts washed by the waters settle in regions where the surf is very violent, but especially where there is pronounced tidal action, that raise or favor lowering the bed of minerals. This sludge also comes to possess rich elements through the action of microscopic algae cleansing and nutritional qualities (supply protein and fat).

Thus, clays are offered in addition to nurturing a specific role:
Antiseptics and disinfectants. They are used in case of insect bites or minor injuries.
Anti-inflammatory and soothing. Very useful for muscular pain, exhaustion and excessive stress.
Regenerating. Stimulate the functioning of deep tissue and promote the loss of uric acid, as indicated in rheumatic problems.
Scrubs. Useful to remove damaged tissue and stimulate cellular reproduction, so they are used for aesthetic purposes or even to address problems of psoriasis (skin lesions showing red inflammation and desquamation).
Circulation Boosters. With them adequate nutrition is achieved in the epidermis in areas where irrigation failure.
Cleaners. Used in the removal of excess fat in the skin, even skin with dilated pores that (open)

Although some say that the mud is useful in treatment sizes to reduce or eliminate stretch marks and cellulite, it is true there are opposing views about it and what is more, few studies and evidence to allow or deny these hypotheses assert permanently.

As the experts do agree on is that the mud has a better effect when combined with other measures to the skin, such as a balanced diet which includes mainly fruits, vegetables, and adequate water (2 liters a day).

It is also known that the health benefits of the epidermis the continued implementation of an exercise routine, as well removes accumulated toxins in the body, some of the practices most suitable are walking, jogging, biking or swimming. Remember that all physical discipline works best when supervised by a specialist.

Finally, consider an alternative to the mud to maintain or improve real state of your skin, nourishing and clean so unbeatable, thanks to the work of the best laboratory we know so far: Nature.

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