Saturday, November 12, 2011

Female sexual dysfunction (Frigidity)

> Frigidity is the change in sexual function with absence of desire, with absence or reduction of organic response to arousal (lubrication, muscle relaxation, etc.).

The frigidity is characterized by the lack of any desire and sexual response. This terminology has been used to define women who show no interest in sex or that are completely "frozen" to erotic touch.

Possible causes:
We must consider a number of factors that can interfere with libido (sex drive) female. Think of three broad categories:
- Organic,
- Emotional and
- The cultural or social.

Generally, frigidity is a combination of these influences, and the social category has a significant weight.

Organic factors:
- Diseases that affect directly the genitals, as an infection (vaginitis), or indirectly, as the hiperprolactinoma, responsible for the increase of the hormone prolactin which inhibits completely the motivation sexed.
- Chronic psychiatric disorders that produce a decrease or absence of sexual desire, such as depression.
- Use of some medications such as antihypertensives or antidepressants that have side effect of decreasing libido.

Emotional factors:
- Traumatic situations throughout life, such as sexual abuse, rape or sexual violence.
- Ancient sexual repression, guilt and anxiety related to sex are not allowed.
- Marital important, together with charges of assault, disrespect and lack of intimacy.
- Childish relationship between spouses, in which the partners are playing more roles of parents from each other than sexual partners.
- Lack of communication and intimacy in the couple.
- Lack of attraction and affection for the chosen partner and companion.

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Cultural or social factors:
- Lack of education and sexual orientation.
- Fear of unwanted pregnancies associated with the uncertainty of contraception.
- Practical and persistent day-to-day, as lack of time for dedication to the sexual life, lack of an environment conducive to intimacy.
- Inappropriate sexual stimulation.
- Social repression of sexuality of women, mainly in cultures whose Christian and Muslim religions have marked influence.

A few years ago (and still today in certain cultures), it was said that the woman was cold by nature, that his sexuality was directed solely to motherhood. In this context, it used female sexuality to serve the men. As a result, the woman was little or no stimulated. This situation occurs persistently, with feelings of obligation in relation to sex, eventually inhibit any erotic response, thus becoming one of the many tasks that should be performed by women.

Off of positive sexual feelings and even punished or suppressed by showing pleasure, the woman took maternity and family care, forgoing a sexual fulfillment.

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