Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Clean and Healthy face

> Best to get a good night's sleep to prepare minutes before devoting time to yourself, relax and tell the body it's time to rest. Indeed it is like a ritual, which in women is particularly important because during the day, plus tensions build up in the morning face makeup remains that if not removed every night foster skin problems.

Goodbye impurities
It is advisable to clean your face every morning before applying makeup, using water or wipe up removing that purpose, that by its cleansing agents effectively remove the toxins released during the night. Do the same when it comes time to remove residue of cosmetics, in both cases ensuring that the products chosen are suitable for your skin type: normal, oily or dry.

At night, before bed and with greater certainty as possible, the happy possessors of normal skin (no problem of allergy, hypersensitivity or significant acne) can wipe their faces with bar soap enriched with natural oils to the skin not drying, and also use removal lotions that are applied with fingers on face and neck, and removed with a sponge, cotton or water.

Normal skin cleansers can also be used, which are made from waxes or gels. Must be made, of course, for skin with these characteristics, and are also applied by light massage all over face and neck with cotton also discarded.

Mild tonics, meanwhile, are the ideal complement to the cream, since having a watery consistency, as well as to remove any residual impurities that are left, closing the pores, resulting in skin that looks radiant and fresh.

However, the dry skin with a feeling of tightness when washing with soap and water can use morning Cleansing water or wipes. At night it is best to apply also removal lotions or cleansers that dry out over his face. Another option are hypoallergenic soap, specially formulated for dry or sensitive, avoid irritation, in addition to not alter the pH (acidity level natural).

Oily skin also have products specially designed for cleaning, among them are astringent tonics which ideally should be used after applying a cleansing cream. On the other hand, if we use gel cleanser for oily skin effect will be refreshing, these items are removed with water and have the advantage of closing the pores, commonly in oily skin are open.

Something casual
Depending on your skin type is also recommended that frequently (1 to 2 times per week) we are more deeply to clean your face by applying a mask. Exist for oily skin that clean, refresh and purify the face, for example, clay or cucumber to control excessive seborrhea. In contrast, for dry or normal, masks must also clean, nourish the face, with ingredients such as oats or wheat. Do not forget to apply the mask on face and neck, wait the specified time and no gestures, so that its effect is deeper.

Remember it is very important to apply at the end of any routine cleaning a good moisturizer with light massage from the neck and around the face, always made for your skin type. Both morning and night it will retain the natural oils and give it softness and freshness to the face.

Of course, if you have any questions on products to use, or if your skin has features, such as severe acne, redness, swelling, oozing, crusting, itching or allergies, it is best to always consult a specialist to resolve problems that might arise.

By following these simple tips in a few weeks you will get a face to draw the attention of insiders and outsiders, do the test.

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