Friday, November 4, 2011

Food Intolerance and Allergies

> The food allergies and intolerances produce similar symptoms, but involve different mechanisms. Food allergies are caused by the immune system reacts abnormally to food. Most foods can trigger a allergic response, but the preparation, cooking and action acid and digestive enzymes destroy this potential.

When the defense system of your body is a substance of harmful, he responds with an immune reaction. This frees Histamine and other substances in circulation, causing itchy skin and changes in blood vessels. In cases serious, this reaction can lead to a rapid fall in pressure and a dramatic reaction, potentially fatal, known as anaphylactic shock, which can interfere with the ability person's breath. These substances also cause constriction bronchial lung.

The food intolerances do not entail an immune response. Some of the mechanisms involved are not fully understood. Reactions of food intolerance include:
* Liberation non-allergic histamine. The seafood and strawberries cause this reaction in some people, who generally develop a rash.
* Defects in enzymes. Individuals with a disability lactase, for example, can not digest the sugar milk, lactose. Treatment consists of a diet little milk and dairy products.
* Reactions pharmacological. These occur in response to components food, such as amines. Amines are found foods that contain nitrogen e.g. amino acids in foods such as tea, coffee, cola drinks and chocolate. The effects can be triggered by small amounts food and include headache, chills, sweating and palpitations, which can be alarming.
* Irritation. Foods such as curry can irritate the bowel. Monosodium glutamate can cause a disease known as syndrome Chinese restaurant resulting in chest pain, palpitations and weakness.

Dietary Treatment:
Any individual suspected of having a food allergy should be diagnosed and treated by a doctor and a nutritionist. The diagnosis is usually based on the elimination of possible allergens, substances that cause an allergic reaction, the diet. The elimination diet is sometimes based on few foods that have no chance to cause a reaction allergic. This limited diet is very strict and difficult to be followed.

At as each food is gradually reintroduced in diet, a nutritionist evaluates which one is responsible for each symptom. This requires careful monitoring. It is not safe to try to exclude suspected foods from your diet on their own. If you must use a diet very restrictive, there is risk of nutritional deficiencies appear, unless carefully controlled. This is especially important for children who need a supply adequacy of certain nutrients to grow normally and maintain good health. The risk of anaphylaxis or other severe reactions associated with the diagnosis of food allergies, means that the dietitian should work in a manner integrated with medical colleagues.

Common allergens
Shellfish and strawberries are among the most common foods responsible for true food allergies, which involve the immune system. Peanuts may cause a severe allergy and potentially fatal in some individuals.

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