Sunday, November 6, 2011

Relaxation Secret Feel Better and Beautiful

> The anxiety and stress of fast paced life, the pressure of work commitments, and the daily mental and physical fatigue are factors that contribute negatively to the beauty and health. The muscles tightened and grabbed the tension builds up in many parts of the body and in our face, creating wrinkles, have headaches, feel tired, and our minds and block our skin shows dull and tired. Besides proper diet exercise and good sleep to be and feel beautiful and healthy will have to find appropriate time in the day to relax reject the accumulated tension and to adopt ways that we can cope with the needs of modern life, reducing stress, breaking the mind and body by doing more to work properly and our skin glow reflects beauty and health.

Turn Bathroom into Spa
Whenever you feel tired you need tightened relax the mind and body fill the bathtub with hot water pour essential oils and aromatic salts, light candles put a CD with sounds of nature and relaxing music to play and immerse yourself in a delightful bath. Close your eyes for ten minutes at least and just relax. Massage the temples with your fingertips in a circular motion for one minute. With a natural sponge gently rub your body. Stand up and do throughout the body with a body scrub with natural ingredients by removing dead skin cells that sit on the skin. Rinse thoroughly. Take plenty of hot water let it run long enough on you and Wrap up in a bathrobe. Finally lay ample moisturizer throughout the body. The process will reward you quite as they will feel absolutely relaxed and your skin will glow.

Lie down in a place that does not have much furniture or putting a layer onto your carpet. Close your eyes. The body should be completely relaxed and surrendered to gravity. Try to go away with your thoughts flooding until completely empty your mind of them. To do this, concentrate on your breathing and notice how it affects your body breathing and breathing. Imagine that you are lying on a sandy beach. Observe the shape it takes in the sand anywhere in your body. Every time you fancy a starting point to locate where the heels are tensions and tightness and loosen the left one to one last head. Focus and relax all parts of the head. Chin mouth cheeks eyes. Stay for a while so take another position that suits you, for example on the side. Continue to hold closed your eyes and get up very slowly to the upright position with relaxed breathing. Open your eyes, take a deep breath.

Breathe Properly
Whenever we get frustrated our breathing become sharp and intermittent, and breathe a mistake transferring the inhalation of high chest. If you notice how a baby breathes will understand what the correct way of breathing is. The breathing should be low in the abdomen is relaxed and straight. So remember the natural breathing pattern and begin again to breathe properly. In addition there are many exercises you can do with your breathing to relax the body and calm your spirit.
1) Take deep breaths through the nose slowly inflating belly stomach and chest and exhale sharply pulling air from the mouth. Repeat the exercise 10 times
2.) Breathe through your nose pushing the air in lower abdomen and exhale slowly through your mouth with a Sigma. Repeat 10 times.
3) Breathe in slowly with the way these hold the air for a few seconds and slowly remove the small sharp exhalation. Repeat five times.

Make your massage yourself, release the tensed muscles and the accumulated negative energy and relax.

Massage from neck to shoulders with your fingertips to soften the muscles and nerves. At certain points gathered throughout the volume and pressure are usually the reasons why we have headaches since it properly oxygenated brain because of poor blood circulation.

Press point between finger and thumb for a few seconds. Massage the feet and toes with little pressure and circular movements. The feet carry our weight around and accept a lot of pressure.

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