Saturday, November 5, 2011

What you did not know about Shampoos!

> Here are some interesting facts about shampoos.Most of the hair problems you are facing may be due to the wrong choice of shampoo or your way of using it.

1.The most common ingredient of a shampoo is a detergent base.This is how it cleans your scalp and hair.The main function and in my opinion the only function of a shampoo is to clean your hair.

2.Many herbal shampoos sold in the market have just 1-2% of herbal ingredients. Hence most of them are still synthetic.

3.Do not change your shampoo very frequently if you want to prevent hair fall.Once you find a suitable shampoo for you hair stick to it!

4.Even if you have a big bottle of shampoo with you ,don't use more than required amount because it will wash off the natural oils from your hair making then rough and dry.Hmm now you know why you got those split ends on your hair tips :(

5.Do not shampoo your hair too frequently.It will promote dryness and split ends.