Monday, November 7, 2011

Natural Beauty Care Tips: Myths and Facts

> Everywhere are many natural beauty care tips. Often cheap and easy to implement. But what is true now, and what is not true now? That I will learn you try to explain.

Baking powder makes your teeth whitening
Yes, this is true. Baking powder dissolves the paste or plaque on. But you should be careful handling, because every time you used baking powder, disappears there remains a layer of tooth enamel. Tooth Enamel protects your teeth against attack, so do not use too often!

Honey helps prevent chapped lips
Yes. Honey contains many vitamins, minerals, proteins and substances that retain moisture. These substances shall ensure that the top layer of skin to recover. You must of course love the taste of honey

Bathing in butter milk makes the skin soft
Yes. The lactic acid makes the skin soft and the milk fats degreasing works. It works best if you two liters buttermilk, add milk to the bath water.

Of lemon juice you get soft elbows
Yes. Time after straining the lemon, your elbows 10 minutes in the lemon halves to rest, then wash and dry. Your elbows are very soft afterwards.

And lemon juice makes your hair blonder Sun
No. Oxygen in combination with UV rays that make it particularly lit. Fruit acid from lemon juice does the scales. The hair will be there to shine and thus seem lighter.

Toothpaste helps prevent breakouts
No. The menthol in toothpaste cooling might work, but the fluoride in the ignition so just to increase your pimples worse.

Excessive Brushing your hair will shine
No, absolutely not. Because of all makes brushing your hair cuticles broken, your hair is porous and will crack. . Moreover, through the scalp to stimulate more fat production. Morning and evening time by brushing is sufficient if it really is not necessary in between.

Tea bags help prevent swollen eyelids
Yes. The tannic acid or tannin in (black) tea is relaxing and let the swelling reduced.

Sea salt is beneficial for the skin
Yes. Especially the minerals from the Dead Sea salt improve the moisture absorption of the upper skin layer. Especially the magnesium leaves the skin relaxed. For home use, add 500 grams of salt to the bath water of 37 degrees.
Careful if you are pregnant or blood pressure problems.

Do you remember that there may be myths? Even if you are not sure whether it is true or not.