Monday, November 14, 2011

Eating Your Way to Clearer Skin

>Most people are aware of the old adage "You are what you eat". There is nowhere that it shows more readily than in your skin tone. In fact, many skin problems from minor to major can be addressed simply by changing your diet! Everything from Acne to Edema can be improved and in some cases completely cured in a matter of months, weeks, or even days by eating a diet that contains plenty of the right foods.

Although fatty, greasy, and extremely salty foods can't be directly blamed for acne or other skin disorders, many foods that are deficient in nutrients or which contain significant undesirable substances (such as fat) can contribute to existing skin disorders or make your skin's condition ripe for such disorders to set in.

One of the simplest ways to improve your skin as well as endurance, stamina, and overall physical health, is by drinking lots of water. Eight or more glasses of filtered tap water or pure mineral water per day will help lead to smoother, younger-looking and firmer skin. In addition, enough water actually helps your skin look and feel firmer - since the human body needs water for everything that it does, proper hydration has remarkable effects for health and beauty.

A balanced diet including essential fatty acids from nuts, vegetable oils, and fish can help cure dry and flaky skin within a matter of weeks. Even if you have acne, you may not want to avoid these types of oils - some dermatologists claim that a tablespoon a day of high quality nut or fish oil can actually reduce the unwanted oil that aggravates acne.

Additional 'miracle' foods for improving your skin and making you look years younger include soy, oatmeal or other coarse grains, and bright-colored fruits and vegetables. All of these foods are high in vitamins and minerals, and the bright colored fruits and vegetables are also rich in antioxidants which help prevent and repair damage to the entire body - so much so that these substances have become a staple of modern anti-aging clinical techniques.

Although none of these items are silver bullets to cure all skin disorders and this information is no substitute for the advice of a qualified dermatologist or other medical professional, a proper diet and adequate water intake will definitely help to improve your skin as well as promote better health in all areas of your life.

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