Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga

> Laughter keeps you healthy; it knows the saying since time immemorial. And modern medicine can only confirm: Laughter has enormous consequences on the endocrine system and the muscles and therefore also on the mood. Laughter Yoga can also help those who feel they have nothing to laugh about.

The health benefits of laughter
Laughter reduces stress
Happy laughter reduces the amount of stress hormones cortical and epinephrine in the body. At the same time it increases the release of endorphins, which act as a natural painkiller - good news for pain patients who suffer from arthritis.

Laughter boost immune system in momentum

According to research laughter increases the number of so-called killer cells, which rush to invaders such as bacteria and make them harmless. The number of antibodies in the nose and pharynx increased by hearty laughter - so be warded off unwanted germs immediately at the entrance gate.

Laughter strengthens the muscles and makes you beautiful
Who keeps his belly laughter makes simultaneously in passing a fitness workout. Not only the abdominal muscles and internal organs are well trained and better blood circulation. Even the facial muscles will benefit from training, the skin is better nourished, and increases lung capacity and oxygen in the blood rises sharply.

Laughter is good for hypertension
Because laughter keeps stress hormones in check, it has positive effects on stress-related hypertension. In experimental studies have shown that ten-minute laughter reduce blood pressure by 10-20 mm can.

Laughter is thus, as we see, just the best medicine for all sorts of large and small. Do you have something to laugh about? If not, you can learn to happiness. Laughter Yoga classes are now out there in many cities.

Anyone can do Laughter Yoga?
Healthy can easily participate in Laughter Yoga classes. However, if you having heart disease, extremely high blood pressure, epilepsy, hernia or severe mental disorders (borderline syndrome, extreme depression, etc.) suffers from an operation or just behind it, should speak with the attending physician or the treating physician before him or Laughter Yoga makes.

The strong muscle contractions can be affected by physical discomfort and the emotional component of laughter can be repressed psychological problems come to light that in an ordinary course may not be properly contained.