Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tips for Better Sleep

> There are many solutions for better sleep you can try if you have trouble sleeping at night. Read on and take note about treatments for insomnia ...A common problem that happens to many people is that, sometimes it's after midnight and they can not sleep well. They see the clock and realize that there are still some hours to alert you but can not sleep, no matter how many times they try...

A person suffering from insomnia and have trouble sleeping is characterized by having a very poor sleep quality and to have difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep and wake up too early in the morning and can not sleep again.

There are two types of insomnia: short and long term. The short-term insomnia is caused by a temporary event as stress or a change in the life of a person, this type of insomnia usually lasts no more than about four weeks. Moreover, long-term insomnia or chronic, lasting more than the above may be caused by conditions of nature, medical, psychological or physical problem such as the neck. In this case you need to see a specialist we can recommend the appropriate insomnia treatment and the best kind of sleep aid.


Not all best sleep aids require a pill. With some relaxation techniques you can go far as to sleep better. Usually require at least 20 minutes before bed -time and include:


Imagine a relaxing, focusing on all the details with all your senses. The more alive and real is the display, the more effective.


By gradually relaxing every part of your body and meditate, you can get better sleep aid more effective.

Yoga Exercises

Yoga uses breathing, meditation, and stretching to help you relax.

Eating well

A powerful aid for better sleep.

Even the best sleeping aids will not work if your diet is not conducive. Be careful with the amount of caffeine you drink in a day, as caffeine is well known to cause problems with sleep. Avoid sugar can also help, because eating sugar gives you a rush of energy that is short, followed by a nasty downturn. Eat foods that help you sleep, such as those that contain magnesium. These can help you get a better night's sleep.

It is possible that these natural sleep aids can work just as well if not better than prescription drugs and without feeling you sleepy and groggy the next morning on rising.