Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hair Care and Anti Dandruff Shampoo

> Hair shampoo against dandruff
Anti-dandruff shampoos contain special ingredients to curb the excessive dandruff on the scalp. The problem of frequent itching on the head and scales on the uncomfortable clothes to be removed so successful.

An anti- dandruff shampoo is an agent which belongs to the personal care products or cosmetics, and serves to clean the hair. The anti -dandruff shampoo as we know it is a relatively recent invention, for washing the hair was only used soap. Also, because soap is alkaline, it was rather inappropriate for the hair wash, scalp and eyes as they also stimulated, and consequently an increased dandruff. They also made the hair dull and lackluster. It was not until the mid- 60 and 70s were sold special shampoo, which were initially sold as powder in small bags. Only later the anti -dandruff shampoo in today's liquid form. The application of the shampoo is very simple: a walnut-sized amount is distributed in the wet hair by rubbing. This forms fine-cell foam, through the scalp and hair grease, dirt and sweat to be cleaned. The anti -dandruff shampoo is specifically designed for a dry scalp. A lack of activity of the sebaceous glands, the surface of the scalp is scaly. When solving these scales, they leave visible marks on clothing and in severe cases, to car seats, sofas and the like. Hair dandruff shampoo contains special ingredients that calm the irritated scalp and lightly grease. After shampooing must act the shampoo is rinsed briefly and immediately. In general, it is sufficient to apply the shampoo as a treatment for several weeks in order to combat effectively the scales