Friday, November 4, 2011

Male Hair Loss

> Hair loss is when a person loses about 100 hairs a day. With nearly 95% of patients there is a hormonally- hereditary hair loss. An inherited sensitivity of the hair follicles to testosterone leads to hair loss.

In an abnormal loss of hair falls a lot of hair. There, many different underlying causes. There are many other causes of hair loss, which is then usually a consequence of a disease, e.g. to certain infections, fungal infection or a disorder of the thyroid. Hair loss may also be due to a lack of publication, such as iron deficiency. To carry out a treatment, it is important to recognize the cause of failure. There are, depending on the cause, various means such as hormones, dyes and drugs that stimulate the hair to new growth should.

95% of male hair loss is hereditary. Hereditary hair loss affects men in particular. The genes are biased so that the hair roots hypersensitive to male sex hormones (androgens). It is referred to as the "androgenic alopecia".

This is due to scientifically understanding a certain hormone, called dihydrotestosterone DHT. This in turn creates DHT by the enzyme 5-alpha reeducates that converts testosterone into DHT. DHT is important for the development of male embryos, and at puberty provides for the transformation from child to man unfortunately, it later to weaken the unfavorable characteristic roots of the hair on the skull. Hair loss usually begins at the temples. It created so-called receding hairlines, the forehead is broad, and the hair is sparse.

If the hair once failed, it will not return. With targeted hair care you can do a lot. Put it best at the first signs of the root. The hair care range contains DHT blockers, which prevent the DHT accumulates in the scalp and protects your hair so thoroughly for hair loss. Very important in the fight against hair loss, certain trace elements and vitamins. May cause a deficiency of zinc in skin changes and hair loss. Zinc promotes the formation of keratin, a main constituent of skin, hair and nails and the formation of collagen, which gives the hair a stop in the skin. The division is not possible without zinc. Another important role is played by biotin. The water-soluble vitamin is instrumental in the formation of the protein structure of hair.

By the way: A loss of 20 to 100 hairs per day is considered normal, as long as this amount is distributed evenly over the entire head.