Friday, November 11, 2011

The eggs, rich in protein!

> An egg is the product of the laying of a female bird. His ultimate goal is to ensure the reproduction of the species. The egg has always been considered a symbol of increase fertility and it has always or almost been the subject of secular and religious cults.

At all times, the egg was consumed by men because of its nutritional and its many uses.
Word egg used alone always refers to the hen egg.
The quail eggs are commonly eaten: they are found in all supermarkets.
The duck eggs and goose are some markets but they are rare and their use has limitations.

The eggs of ostrich are even more but they exist. They are huge, which makes sense given the size of a bird. Each weighs between 1.6 and 1.8 kg and is the equivalent of two dozen eggs of hen. One can see, if not buy, in ostrich farms.

Structure of an egg
All eggs consist of a shell, fragile but hermetic, which contains and protects a white and yellow.

These values have Food quite different: the white is composed of water and Protein while the yolk contains most of lipids of cholesterol, of minerals, Of Vitamins and lecithin which give emulsifying properties.

Hygienic precautions with eggs, Always:
* check the freshness of eggs through the date of sale must be entered on the packaging;
* Store in the refrigerator;
* do not wash the shells: they become more porous and do their protective role.

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