Monday, November 7, 2011

Get Silky Hair

> All women and young girls love with silky hair. After a smooth and silky hair is one of the attributes of beauty. Silky long hair beauty assets of beautiful girls and women. It is easier to tie your hair in any style you like. With proper care your hair silky hair can become a reality. Safe and Natural cosmetic products can make the hair silky and soft. Using natural products is not only safe, but makes it available to maintain your silky hair. These natural components are easy to obtain. Read on to know some useful tips for obtaining and maintain silky hair.

Basic Tips to keep your hair silky

Some basic hair care can go far. You should always cover your hair with a handkerchief when you go out in the sun. Do not use a hair dryer on a regular basis, it can cause damage to the hair. Eat plenty of fruits, green vegetables and drink plenty of water. It is not only important for the healthy body, but also important for good hair. Avoid combing on wet hair and always use a wide toothed comb.

Try to use natural hair conditioners rather than using harsh chemicals. Do hair straightening, if your hair curling irons and hair, if it is straight. This can cause damage to the hair. Always use a mild shampoo for hair. Avoid hair coloring with artificial flowers, when necessary. Do not iron her hair. Frequent compaction can damage the hair. Love your hair is best to stay away from the fall of hair and damage.

Here are some simple, but great remedies for soft, smooth, and silky hair. Use these tips below, and find out which one is best suited for your hair.

Tips for silky hair

Follow these tips to make the hair more silky and smooth. This will require some components that are easily available on the market. If shiny hair that you want to know, this dream soon to be true.
* With almond oil to massage the hair for one day before washing hair. Often massage hair almond oil will help you get the silky and soft hair. Massage is good for improving blood circulation and strengthens the hair.
* Apply paste of the leaves of hibiscus plant on your hair. Let it remain for 10-20 minutes, then wash your hair to get the best results
* Use a mixture shikakai powder, henna (mehndi) powder, anti-money laundering and curd as conditioner to get soft and silky hair
Mix 2 * whole eggs 4 tablespoons of olive oil to apply this mixture on the hair and leave it. Wash your hair after 20 minutes you will find hair slipping like silk afterwards.
* Try to massage the hair once a week with aromatic oils to make hair silky and soft
* Rubbing his hair flower hibiscus is also a good way to soft and silky hair. Soak hibiscus flower in the water, and then use the same for use on your hair before washing hair.
* Use a mixture of mustard oil, lemon curd and applied onto hair. Leave the mixture on the hair for half an hour, then rinse
* Use aloe vera gel with the hair shampoo that will help make it shiny and soft
* Apply the boiled apple pulp and pour apple juice on the hair before washing
* Ensure that a balanced and protein-rich diet, which is essential for a good, shiny and silky hair
* Always trim hair for 3-4 months, depending on your hair growth. This will help you get rid of split ends and keep the texture of hair

All these natural and safe ways to get silky hair can work wonders. Using products with the chemical composition, not durable and useful to keep hair healthy. Using natural hair products and stay away from harmful chemicals and pollution. This will help you save money on expensive hair products. Learn how love your hair, as the natural hair beauty care of real beauty indeed.