Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lung cancer How keep it Away

> Lung cancer is still the most common cause of cancer death in men and the third most common in women. To mean a degeneration of the tissue, which may take place in different areas of the lung? These include several types of lung cancer, but also rare forms such as mesothelioma, where the diseased pleura. Particularly vicious is the small-cell lung cancer because it grows rapidly and spreads in the body. Other species such as squalors cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and large cell carcinoma, which grow more slowly and thus have overall a better chance of cure.

Tobacco smoke as the main cause of lung cancer
Biofeedback is largely to blame for a disease of the airways. Scientifically, was that smoking is the No. 1 cause of lung cancer. Nevertheless, 85% of people who die from lung cancer, smokers! In addition, other organs suffer from the inhalation of tobacco smoke. Chronic respiratory diseases and narrowed coronary arteries are clear examples.

Women respond to the carcinogenic constituents of tobacco smoke particularly vulnerable, especially young girls, as young people generally. It does not matter the type of product: cigarettes, cigars or pipe tobacco are equally harmful. The lowest risk of developing lung cancer, have clearly people who have never smoked. Although this fact is well known, just more and more women access to cigarettes, while men give up smoking more.

Other harmful substances in the lung
A further, developments of lung cancer have a genetic predisposition and environmental influences. Thus, the exposure to harmful substances in certain professions or to specific jobs is particularly high. Therefore, lung cancer is also one of the most common occupational diseases. The problem is the chemical action of chromate and arsenic, solvents, pesticides, ionizing radiation and inorganic dusts such as asbestos, nickel, and silicon dioxide. If several risks, the risk of developing lung cancer, of course, the greater!

Pay attention to symptoms
Unfortunately, the signals for lung cancer are at first not typical and not particularly striking. So we think the following Discomfort always go to the doctor to investigate the causes:
* Loss of appetite, fatigue, Difficulty in breathing or persistent slight fever
* Cough, which can change suddenly, particularly in smokers cough
* A Bronchitis or a common cold, is not improving despite antibiotics
* Chest pain
* General loss of strength, severe weight loss
* Hemoptysis
* Paralysis or severe pain

Good opportunities in the early stages
Often the symptoms are harmless, but if the diagnosis of lung cancer must be made, you have better chances of a cure, if diagnosed early. Only in the early stages of lung cancer can be healed. Since there is no screening, as with other diseases, such as breast, uterus, colon, skin or prostate enlargement cancer, we have to make themselves at appropriate warning signs. Doctors and scientists are currently examining whether different techniques and methods for a general screening of lung cancer might be suitable, because in the advanced stages the disease is often fatal. More important, therefore, is to avoid unnecessary risks!