Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beautiful and Healthy Hair

> From ancient times in many cultures long hair was a rich and integral part of feminine beauty and a source of pride. But now shiny and healthy hair is one of the most important ingredients of feminine beauty.

What is ultimately what determines the quantity and quality of our hair?
Why some are rich and beautiful hair while others are thin and poor;
First, an important role played by genes and hereditary factors. Second, the older someone is, the more slowly growing hair and hair the more you lose. It also differs from person to person, the speed at which they grow hair. And it is the speed at every man is changing: some periods of his life growing up faster and some slower. On average, within a month the hair grows by 1.5 cm. alongside are updated constantly. Each hair lives about 4-5 years after fall and grows new ones. In a 24- man loses 50-100 hairs.

From the state of our hair can not understand how our health. Also, sometimes this may mean that there are more serious diseases such as anemia, thyroid, skin diseases etc.
• The hair is destroyed by chronic illnesses and long-term medication.
• Poor ecology, anxiety and nervous overload also have a negative effect on hair. And except for all those inconvenienced our hair by hair, the hair and abuse species styling.
Nevertheless, the continuous and proper hair care will help us to save and keep them nice and healthy.

Proper nutrition

To our hair beautiful and healthy have to look after and take care of: to nourish our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals.
Hair is very important: biotin, Vitamin B5 and folic acid. These elements affect the quality and health of our hair. To ensure our organization with all that is necessary to include in our diet: salmon, liver, chicken, eggs, nuts, mushrooms, legumes, potatoes and carrots.
Suffer much hair of those people who have chosen vegetarianism. These people should take extra vitamins as food supplements.

Proper care
Before shampooing is good to comb your hair. Then moisten it with warm water not hot and spread in a circular motion shampoo. Since then wash thoroughly massage the scalp. Rinse shampoo well and then use emollient cream. The wet hair is very fragile, break easily, so your contact with them should be careful.

Important point hair - to cut even a little each month.
Very good for hair - to change frequently parted.
Important not to expose your hair especially if it is dyed, the strong radiation of the sun. The hat on the beach on a warm sunny day will not only protect your head and your hair.
Nowadays a huge number of cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations for the care of our hair: masks, foam, spray, etc. But...

Let us not forget the old, traditional beauty recipes
1. If you have an increased loss of hair to rub the skin scalp with a mixture of herbs such as hops, licorice, or salvia.
2. Its good for the hair smeared with egg yolk and then rinse with water when you boil the herbs. Recipe: up to one tablespoon dried chamomile flowers, pour a cup of boiling water. Wait a while and clean water the flowers. Such miracle water you can make nettle leaves or simians.
3. To enhance growth of hair to wash with water which had previously put nettle leaves and burdock?
4. Against dandruff: shampoo and dry your hair. Then rub the scalp with jasmine oil dissolved in water (20-40 drops in a glass of water).
Therefore, a variety of foods and regular care will help maintain the beauty of your hair.

Keep your hair! And then they will be sound and bright, and your beauty will become more intense. I would definitely watch it... and not just you!
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