Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Healthy Menopause Nutrition and Diet

> In menopause, changes occur in organisms is important. They at the beginning of hormonal changes in income. In the secretion of pituitary hormones increase is observed. By irregular menstruation and reproductive function ovarian function is reduced due to defects in the system. It as a result of an important hormone for women who fall estrogens, gonadotropins (FSH, LH), and revealed an increase in women's major health problems are observed. For a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is menopause as a balanced diet and regular, and it is very important for a special effort should be spent.

Why balance of menopausal women needs to be fed?

* Deterioration in weight gain and physical structure:

Some changes in the body of menopause (hormonal changes etc.) occur due to a decrease in energy expenditure. As a result of these obesity develops.

Result as changes in body composition will be. Postmenopausal estrogen the decrease in the level of food intake, physical activity level and fat tissue may influence the distribution. As a result, the external appearance of women in menopause will change, become more fat and thigh fat quickly in weight control and physical appearance of women, so protection need to have a regular diet.

Cardiovascular disease in women with menopause, like osteoporosis problem is more risk for the development of diseases. Cardiovascular diseases not only the hormone estrogen in the development of pre-menopausal women, nutrition status (such as animal fats consumed in high rates), obesity, tobacco use is also active after menopause.

* Osteoporosis:

As a result of osteoporosis, increased loss of calcium from bones is easily broken, and the disease more common in menopausal women occurs.

Bone tissues are made continuously and adolescence and formation is greater than the loss. Menopausal bone loss rate significantly, following estrogen deficiency is the main reason.

* Osteoporosis remedies to prevent nutrition

All ages sufficient calcium to be consumed during the period. The best source of calcium for milk and dairy products. Apart from milk, especially green leafy vegetables, dried legumes are rich in calcium.

Mineral ingestion of high content of hard water is preferred.

Vitamin D an appropriate and regular needs for days, as of noon, in summer mid-morning and late afternoon sun.

Drinking per liter of water at the level of fluoride content is important for bone and teeth health.

Excessive high-protein diet, urinary protein consumption of calcium increases the rate and a significant risk for osteoporosis problem. Protein, daily food of animal origin predominantly in the diet.

Excessive phosphorus consumption should be avoided.

Meals Add salt and salted foods is excessive over-consume excessive salt, urinary calcium increases the rate.