Friday, November 4, 2011

Beauty Vs Stress

> The stress at this time invading our daily lives. There are two types of stress, which is productive and often seek to have better performance and misconceived mental - physical pressure on a daily basis the human body and can not manage.

When the second group comes into our lives then many changes in our body because of a series of biochemical reactions and one of them is our external appearance.

Studies have shown that stress affects three important factors of beauty and our external appearance in general…….. More on Relieve Stress remedies and Natural Stress Reliever.

Acne: Skins especially teenagers, but the condition under emotional stress may fall occur in older people.

A substance named P is at higher levels in our body when it is under pressure thereby causing increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, including their propagation. The result is the appearance of acne or worsening of the already existing one.

Obesity: The food in modern society functions for most of us as soothing when the human body is under long-term psychological stress, so we have seen an increase in intake of food in recent decades, usually accompanied by an unspecified time. This, combined with a sedentary lifestyle has led to a rapid increase in average body weight of sabotaging our outward appearance but also our psychology.

Free Skin radicals: Much has been written about them, but what are really free radicals, also called oxidative stress »; the cells of our body are molecules containing oxygen that are the roots. Because psychological stress, but these molecules are larger percentages in each cell and suspended the operation of the antioxidant defense system of the body thereby causing an imbalance in the formation of these molecules, which in turn causes the so-called oxidation, i.e. the negative effects of free radicals. Thus, high rates of stress can lead to rapid aging of skin.

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