Thursday, November 3, 2011

Understanding Overweight

> Larger is not a fatality but the result of errors Food accumulated, physical inactivity, and the result is more or less aggravated by heredity. Added to this is also the fact of eating slowly and not watching TV. The prevention of overweight begins in childhood.
The cities are successful in the fight against childhood obesity

Balanced diet

It is always forgotten, however, simple principles of balanced diet leading to gap between food inputs and energy costs which is the origin of weight excess or because the inputs are increasing too frequently, either because the expenses are reduced or are not what they should be, or because the inputs are increased at the same time that expenses are reduced.

Fighting against inactivity

The inactivity is also one of the officials overweight.

Man, since has differentiated the monkey has two legs to walk. They are too often replaced by the four wheels of a car air conditioning.

The fight against inactivity begins in childhood.

A child who is more consistently in a stroller when he could walk, which then goes to school on foot and making the sport regularly, two or three times a week and thus has less time for TV or computer is less likely to grow.

In adults, the put off of overweight based on walking. Many studies show that one hour of walking each day significantly reduces the risk of making weight. The course also has a favorable effect on constipation, high cholesterol, and hypertension.

Strategy Anti - sedentary

Bind itself to walk and to move is a matter of strategy.

Forget the car as often as possible at the same time it performs a civic act anti-pollution, park away from the office, traveling by bicycle, walking the dog instead of watching TV, walking up stairs rather than taking the elevator or escalator, enroll in a gym and go every 2 days and it dampens the package, the choice is really not when you decide not to stay in the cocoon of the inactivity.

Provided they do not hide behind false pretenses I do not have time: it always has when you want it!

Eat slowly

Many studies show that a large majority of obese people swallow everything round eats very quickly without really taking the time to chew. Their level of satiety is disturbed because their brain has no time to record what is being swallowed. They never feel satiated. Having always finished before the others, they are rehashing. And so they eat over their energy needs.

Few thin voracious.

Eat slowly even when you nibble something, is one of the great strengths of the prevention weight. We then come to feel more satisfied; the brain has time to do its work. When satiation is installed, we no longer want eat anything, even something tempting! And so we do eats not beyond its energy needs.

A rehabilitation method of feeding behavior is learning to eat slowly, even put his cutlery down between each mouthful.

Eat without watching TV

Numerous studies linking the making weight and meal caught watching TV among both children and adults.

The attention being retained by the images we do not pay attention to what is eat and even less to feelings of satiety that one can experience.

And suddenly, we eat more.

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