Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Diet Helps to Control Cholesterol

> Nutrition supplement can play a role not only in prevention of bad cholesterol, but it appears possible to contribute to the reduction of certain lesions in the vessels that have already been created.

The cholesterol is the narrowing of the arteries yards, with less stress and the hardening due to the cholesterol plaques formed within the walls of the courtyard. The plaque of cholesterol caused by high cholesterol in the blood, which accumulates in the walls of the arteries yards and leading cause of cardiovascular disease, is the most frequent killers of humans.

Heart diseases with coronary heart disease and stroke as well as stroke are leading causes of death in developed countries.

The cholesterol found in many staple foods such as meat, egg, milk, cheese and other animal products. Also shrimp, octopus, squid and cuttlefish, which mollusks are rich in cholesterol. But the cholesterol in the blood does not come only from the diet. Our liver produces and composes much of the blood cholesterol. In fact, cholesterol is an essential element needed for life. The fact is that food is very rich in cholesterol such as eggs and shellfish, helps to increase blood cholesterol.

Foods rich in saturated fats, is 3 to 5 times more dangerous to increase the level of cholesterol in the blood compared to foods that are rich in cholesterol. For this reason it is important to look after the saturated fat content of foods we eat. There are prepared foods on the market that they write that is low in cholesterol, but a careful examination of the label indicates that contain saturated fats.

The saturated fat should not represent more than 10% of total calories daily. If someone who takes 2.000 calories daily, saturated fat should not represent more than 20 grams. Unfortunately the diet that we now take more than 30% of our daily calories from saturated fat we eat.

Caution is needed in the quantities of food low in fat because we eat more and they can give us increased saturated fat. Increasing fiber in the diet helps reduce cholesterol absorbed from the gut. But it is important to know that this is not true for all fiber. There are fiber is soluble in water and are not broken. The soluble fiber in the intestines creating a gel that prevents the absorption of cholesterol and other fat molecules.

Certain types of beans, lentils, oranges with baked potatoes peeled, oats, can help even moderately lower cholesterol level. Non-soluble fiber, such as those contained in many vegetables and many foods such as wheat, benefit against constipation but do not affect the absorption of cholesterol and other fats in the gut.

Recommended as daily to get from our diet, at least 25 grams of fiber from which at least one third should consist of soluble fiber. This helps to prevent heart disease.

The scrambled eggs are from a very popular food. But egg yolk is extremely rich in cholesterol. Consider that just one egg yolk contains almost as much cholesterol a person needs for a day.

Try an omelet using only the white of the egg. It is still very tasty and rich in nutrients.