Thursday, November 3, 2011

Facial, Care for your Face and Shine

> The Face makes the people to who he/she is. On the face can be seen Emotions and the mood of the other. Therefore, just the facial is especially important because the face is always visible and direct communication always takes place on the face. It is therefore essential that the face is maintained. Not without reason, there is a variety of Face Cosmetics Product Intended only for the facial.

Care of facial skin

The Face Cream is the basic care. It nourishes and nourishes the skin and supplies them with moisture and the major minerals. Since it is used daily it should be selected very carefully. In addition, a variety of other skin beauty products for the facial skin are available, for example Day Cream, Night Cream, Wash, Moisture Fluid and Facial Lotion.

Rich care for the lips

The Lips Skin is very sensitive. Rough lips you noticed immediately, because the view in conversation automatically to the Mouth falls. Since we use them every day in speaking, eating and drinking, they require special Care. Here again there are a number of products that enhance the cleanliness and beauty of the lips.

Radiantly beautiful eyes
On the Eyes one recognizes the nature of person. About their feelings can be expressed, in conversation it is always in direct eye contact, but also non -verbal communication can run over them. Many women draw the attention of the Make up with subtle to striking Makeup their eyes and induce accents. As the eye skin is particularly thin and sensitive, however, must also give it a thorough maintained are there primarily in the area around the eyes quickly unpleasant Fold may arise.

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