Saturday, November 12, 2011

Factors that Affect Your Period

> Are your periods lighter or heavier than usual? Are they irregular or painful? The cause can be where you would never have sought. There is a complex combination of factors that affect every woman's menstruation.

Most important irregular Periods factors
With whom you live together:
Why remains a mystery, but by now it is scientifically proven that women who live together, similar to the length menstrual cycles. This is especially common in nuns and girls who are boarding, hence the term dormitory effect. The phenomenon is influenced by pheromones, chemical substances that are the length of the menstrual cycle and may affect our sweat down.

Man in your Life:
Women who have regular sexual contact during the month, will ovulate faster and more regular menstrual period than women with smaller or less regular sex. Although experts do not know the exact cause, they advise couples who want to have children, their sexual activities throughout the month by increasing, not only much to love in the fertile days.

Smoking Habit:
Link between smoking and menstrual problems such as cramps, headaches and more irritable. Smoking constricts blood vessels, which can cause menstrual cramps, or they get worse. Women who smoke and take the pill, run up to three times more likely to interim bleeding than nonsmokers. Because smoking women average three years earlier in menopause come anyway they have fewer months than were non-smokers.

Sports Activity:
Women who regularly exercise and do sports, often suffer, as their fitness increases, fewer problems with their menstruation. Extreme sports however, like many female athletes do, the ovaries do block, which stood for several months or even years to months absence.

Stress Problem:
Tension and anxiety make the body create more stress chemicals, which the delicate balance between the hormones that regulate your period, is disrupt. Therefore, in periods of intense stress or busy, your period stop. They usually just turn back when the crowd is over. Proven stress relief remedies can avoid much: deep inhalation and exhalation, relaxation, meditation, soothing music, yoga, daily exercise, massage and a warm bath.

Lose weight and diets:
Too much weight loss can also stop your period. The reason is that the female hormone estrogen is stored in body fat. So if there is too little fat, there is simply not enough estrogen to support menstruation. The absence of menstruation is often a classic sign of anorexia nervosa.

Women with menstrual pain are often alleviating the pain they are certified as having had an orgasm in the period just before or during their menses. Menstrual cramps can arise from fact too high prostaglandin levels, as the uterus muscles cramped and even temporarily reduce blood and oxygen supply. Orgasm increases the blood supply in the pelvis and uterus, which eased the pain. For that reason, doctors sometimes recommend regular masturbation as a remedy for painful menstruation.

Age factors:
During puberty, the menses often irregular and sometimes without ovulation. The estrogen production is also quite volatile, which may contribute to the mood swings typical of young girls. Premenstrual syndrome is at any age; although studies show that there thirties are the most from. And then there's the pre-menopause, the few years before menopause, usually between your fortieth and fiftieth, when the production of fertility hormones begin to decline. Just as during puberty, the cycle is irregular and sometimes painful.

Reading book in flight show that they are more likely to have painful or irregular menstruation. Yet you do not work in the air to be influenced. The crossing time zones and altitude stress of travel can also do your body rhythm in the mess. If you bring back more regularly in your life, you will also notice on your period.