Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

> In times of modern technology, the media refers to preventing many sexually transmitted diseases. However, many young people still do not know or deliberately not prevent, the consequences were immediately put yourself and your partner both with the disease.

Prevent sexual infections through sexual transmission is an essential. Please share with him your tips below apply to have safe sex.

Explore and observe your partner
Before you start any sexual activity, the first thing you should learn about sexual techniques. Make sure he is completely healthy and normal. This may sound a bit harsh and outdated, but it is the best way to protect the health and life itself.

Perform safe sex
Many young people do not like using condoms because the feeling was not real sex. But the not only help prevent cases of pregnancy complication but also protect couples avoid infectious diseases. Perform safe sex helps your body healthy and happier life.

Avoid love to many
There are many signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases do not appear after the couple relationship in the past several weeks, even months. So do not be foolish relationships with many people at once, otherwise you may spread infection to yourself or others will be very dangerous.

Vaccine for hepatitis A and B
Hepatitis A and B can be transmitted through sexual contact, like HIV. Therefore, vaccination plays a very important role. Please protect the health of themselves and others by vaccine preventable.

Consult your doctor about sex
Not only her, his adolescence lack of understanding that even those who have grown up, maybe even a spouse may still have many questions during sex. Do not be shy poll doctor if you experience sexual pleasure problems in lovemaking. These questions and answers yourself from your doctor will help you learn more about safe sex.