Friday, October 7, 2011

Skin Care for Men

> Men take no longer just for soap, water and razors. The new understanding of masculinity breaking old traditions: Who pays attention to his appearance is not a wimp, but gains in relational appeal and recognition. But what cosmetics should not be missing in any bathroom?

An unkempt appearance is far more an expression of masculinity. Maintaining the A and O is a captivating look. And probably no woman likes greasy hair, perspiration odor, unkempt nails and teeth and pimples.

More and more men resort to products that are developed specifically for men's skin because the skin of men and women varies greatly. Men's skin is about a third thicker than the skin of women. In addition, the skin produces more sebum, and tends therefore to more blemishes such as pimples and blackheads. Therefore, the cleaning of the facial skin is a must. Depending on skin type should be taken twice daily cleanser be used. Once a week can also be used to exfoliate. The coarse abrasive to free the clogged pores of skin cells and sebum and refine the skin. With the thorough cleaning of the face not only impurities are made of finished off: By the water, the hairs are softer; an ideal opportunity to reach for the razor. In order not to irritate the skin unnecessary, should always shave in the direction of growth. After shaving, an aftershave be used to disinfect the skin - otherwise can sprout small pimples. For dry skin is a soothing gel that provides the skin with moisture.

After shaving the skin needs more care. When it comes to moisturizer the choice should always fall on a product with less fat. Lotions are often the better alternative to conventional creams. To prevent first wrinkles may be resorted to special anti-aging creams. To soften fine lines around the eyes, an eye cream should be used, as just the skin around the eyes is prone to drought.

For tight and rosy skin, it is, clench your teeth. Change showers stimulate the circulation of the skin and tone the connective tissue. Should be started with a warm cast, the conclusion should be more cold to bring the cycle going. Smooth skin man can achieve through regular brushing massages, which should always run towards the heart.

Beautiful nails are a real eye-catcher. With water, nails can be soaked before the manicure or pedicure. Then the finger nails are slightly round, cut the toe nails straight. After cutting the nail edges should be planed smooth with a file so they do not tear.

For the troublesome body hair removal are depilatory creams or razors. After hair removal, the skin should be pampered with a moisturizing lotion.

A few splashes of perfume, and finished the man of today.

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