Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Immune system Strengthening Tips

> Our body via the immune system protects against harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi. And foreign substances: chemical or mutated cells. The immune system in inflammation and injury, but may also be disturbed: an excessive reaction and allergy or exhibit errors in autoimmune diseases. More information and tips to strengthen the immune system, read this article.

Immune system
The immune system or immune ensure the defense of our body. It is a very complicated system as a function of all harmful substances in the body to detect and defuse. Besides undesirable microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses, other foreign substances to the pollutants counted. This includes both synthetic materials and chemical additives to food and inhaled soluble substances including paint, as well as heavy metals, radiation e.g. sunlight, radioactivity and mutated cells cancer. In principle, any substance that enters the body, including all food, first screened by the immune system: detection and views. If the substance is regarded as a body, let the immune substance in peace. However, if the substance is rated as foreign, the immune response will follow.

Strengthen Immune System Tips
Tips to strengthen the immune system. In all harmful substances and Immune disorders that affect the immune system, it is important to strengthen the overall immune system.

Immune Avoiding harmful substances
Factors affecting the immune system should be avoided wherever possible charge, including:
* Shortages of essential nutrients
* Microorganisms bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, etc.
* Sleep deprivation
* Stress
* Excessive physical exertion
* All forms of radiation
* Foreign substances one drug, synthetic additives, air pollution, radiation, etc.

Immune Strengthening
* Sufficient rest and relaxation
* Whole foods
* Healthy lifestyle no smoking, clean water, clean air, etc.
* Good exercise.

Immune enhancing Remedies
Supplements and Herbs.
There are several supplements to support and strengthen immune system. Some most common are listed below.
* Antioxidants -
* Vitamin C and Multi Vitamins
* Spices including
o Ginseng
o Aloe vera
o Evening Primrose